About us

Founded in 1999, I.S.I. – Injected soles industry, Lda. Is dedicated on the conception, development and manufacturing of soles for footwear.

With an annual production of 2.8 million of pairs and more than 90 workers, I.S.I. provides a service of excellence guaranteeing versatility, quality and innovation in all projects developed.

Founded in 1999, ISI Soles, Lda. Was built from scratch by the entrepreneur spirit of its founder, Vítor Mendes.

I.S.I. is dedicated in the conception, development and manufacturing of soles for footwear using the most modern and diversified raw materials, such as TR, PVC, TPU, Neolite, leather, Micro, among others.

Counting with more than 90 employees prepared with the most diverse skills, allowing to respond with versatility, quality and innovation to all the requirements demanded. The company possesses a specialized team in the most recent technologies, for example the 3D printing and flexible prototyping.
Currently, I.S.I. is with a 2.8 million pairs of soles yearly production, we just finished an expansion process to prepare us to raise the yearly capacity for the 4 million. We compromise to ensure assistance, development, service and quality for a competitive price.

Allied to suppliers of excellence, I.S.I., offers fashion and design products with versatility above the average, allied to a quality established in the chemical and physical norms demanded by the big companies and international groups.

The goal of this mission is to find partners and brands whose I.S.I. can share its effort and to make a profit in its investment in the development and productive capacity.

Social Responsibility

I.S.I. faces the social and environmental responsibility like the attitude and ethical and responsible business behavior, internally and externally. With a responsible entrepreneurship, we look forward to reinforce our positive contribution to the society and ate the same time reduce the negative impact about the populations and the environment. Like so, we adopted a broad set of actions, such as: creating a good working environment; continuous training of employees; valuation of Human Resources (People Management); industrial waste treatment and recycling; obtaining a Certificate of Safety and Hygiene; support for cultural and social initiatives; protocols with schools and universities, among others.

Our Customers 

To our customers we want to offer a big variety of products of added value. Annually, we develop two collections, (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter), with constantly improved samples, updated and with self-design, by registering industrial property at national and Community level. We consider that our competitive advantages wage in the innovation, versatility, quality, fast service and in the excellent price range. Our customers can expect from us all the technical accompaniment they require, with an individualized service and a treatment of excellence.