ISI Soles displays its latest collection at Lineapelle in Milan

ISI Soles displays its latest collection at Lineapelle in Milan

"It is necessary to rethink the way fashion is produced", says the CEO of ISI Soles.
Innovation and Sustainability in shoe soles are the bets of the Felgueiras company for the new collection.
ISI Soles soles with innovative materials from waste.

ISI Soles is at Lineapelle, in Milan, from the 20th to the 22nd of September, to present its latest collection of soles for autumn winter 2023 footwear: new colors, new materials, new models and new finishes. 
The company's environmental awareness, sustainability and innovation are present in all models.“Sustainable innovation is not just about materials, but about the production process and the way products are used. It is an ongoing process that also takes into account the entire supply chain. The fashion industry needs to be more sustainable, reducing waste”, underlines Vitor Mendes, CEO of ISI Soles. 

Highlight in the new collection for models of soles for shoes that incorporate waste from other industries, such as cork, rubber, rice husk, tennis balls or even party and birthday balloons. “The incorporation of sustainable materials are many times more versatile than traditional options, allowing you to create new styles without sacrificing quality!” said Vitor Mendes. In the development of the collection, all the materials used were “selected with great care, so that they can provide maximum comfort, durability and performance”, he adds. 

Soles made from recycled materials certified by the RCS (Recycled Claim Standad) standard are part of the new ISI Soles collection, and the company from Felgueiras was the first in the footwear sector to adopt this environmental standard. A novelty of this collection is to “give color” to recycled RCS. “Up until now, all RCS recycled materials were limited to four colors, black, white, gray and brown. Today we have already managed to give color to the world of recycled materials and we have TPU RCS recycled material available in all colors”, said Vitor Mendes.A key value at ISI Soles is sustainability. “It's part of our identity and it's a priority for us. It goes beyond the environment, it also extends to people, which is why in this new collection we want to share some ideas about how our commitments in this area reflect who we are”, emphasizes the entrepreneur. “With the ambition of continuing to increase the recycling rate at our facilities, we are focused on incorporating our internal waste in order to achieve Zero Waste”, emphasizes Vitor Mendes.

ISI Soles specializes in the design, development and manufacture of injected and prefabricated soles. With more than 25 years of experience, 140 employees, a production that exceeds 3 million pairs annually and the trust of the world's leading fashion brands, we are known for combining excellence, innovation and impact in one word: ISI.